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LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum Mandates: A Discussion

Currently in the United States, only a handful of states have passed laws that mandate the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community to our society today be incorporated into all K-12 social studies and history curriculum. An opposing handful ban it. Join representatives from the It Gets Better Project and EducationCounsel as they discuss what existing mandates entail or restrict, the importance of inclusive curriculum for LGBTQ+ students, and what it might take to pass such laws in every state.

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  1. Establish a safe and inclusive space within the SXSWedu programming for LGBTQ+ educators and allies to learn about inclusive curriculum.
  2. Help LGBTQ+ educators and allies develop an elementary understanding of inclusive curriculum laws and how such laws impact their teaching.
  3. Motivate LGBTQ+ educators and allies to advocate for inclusive curriculum laws at state and local levels and to take part in their implementation.



Sean Worley, Senior Policy Associate, EducationCounsel

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