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SXSW 2021

Gastrodiplomacy in Times of Crisis

Nas Jaber and Dan Dorado, co-founders of the Migrant Kitchen would anchor a live podcast or panel discussion discussing how feeding the most vulnerable can be used as a means to create stability in times of crisis and employment opportunities for underserved communities. They will focus on a renewed sense of urgency to help those in need, which they discovered on their journey scaling from a 2 man catering team to a 100+ employee operation feeding over 1 million people within the span of 4 months at the height of the pandemic in NYC.

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  1. The growing hunger crisis can be solved in ways that create jobs and break down social and economic barriers.
  2. This is a time to reinvent the food industry for the better
  3. You can be homeless, unemployed and struggle with mental health issues and still find a way to be a leader and change the world.



Charlie Balsam, Brand Manager, The Migrant Kitchen

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