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SXSW 2021

Beyond the Binge: Developing Original Content '21

At a time where the demand for new original content has reached its peak, new players are stepping in to connect the dots in the creation of entertainment properties that will inspire viewers to not just watch, but “binge” and keep audiences engaged beyond the final episode. Narrative storytelling from short form to virtual reality have emerged as further extensions of the stories that audiences are hungry to engage with. This demand for binge-worthy content is opening the playing field to a much wider range of studios, publishers and content creators to dive into original content development. Industry experts across all sides of the original content development landscape will discuss how rights acquisitions, packaging projects, pitching, hosting and ultimately producing original content.

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  1. What kind of content and formats audiences are engaging with right now.
  2. How narrative storytelling is extending beyond original content to create additional engagement points for viewers.
  3. What the full process, from rights acquisition to producing, entails in creating new original content.


  • Samantha Shear, VP, Development, Zoic Studios
  • Kate Hoenigsberg, Senior Content Executive, Quibi
  • Diana Williams, Executive Vice President of Creative, MWM Universe
  • Margaret Kerrison, Creative Maverick/Experiential Storyteller/Worldbuilder, N/A


Jenna Wigman, VP/Partner, Press Kitchen

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