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From COVID to Social Justice: Meeting the Moment

From a pandemic to social justice shocks, educators across the K-20 spectrum have had to lead their institutions with purpose, passion, and flexibility. In this converse a group of diverse leaders will discuss how they have met these moments with student care and success at heart, and how they are looking to the future for their schools and communities. “What did we learn?”, “What will we bring forward?” and other questions will be answered and encouraged to be explored by the audience as well.

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  1. Explore and understand how a diverse group of leaders from diverse institutional types managed both the pandemic response and social justice incidents
  2. Begin ideation on what they will bring forward from these experience into the coming years
  3. Understand the anchoring principles that helped each of these leaders “meet the moment”



Mark Milliron, Senior Vice President and Executive Dean of Teachers College, Western Governors University

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