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How to Create Belonging in an Online Work Setting

We will explore the impact of a pandemic that has changed how we work. How do we, as leaders, implement lessons learned about flexibility and efficiency while maintaining connectedness and engagement? How do we support our teams to maintain balance as they manage children in blended learning settings, uncertainty about health, and financial well-being, and a transformed social, and leisure landscape? How do we effectively address the digital divide and equitable access?

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  1. Understanding the challenges of virtual employees to ensure you offer the right balance of support/flexibility
  2. Being a successful leader during the pandemic
  3. Engagement strategies that work when the workplace is distributed.



Alison Bell, Regional Vice President, Western Governors University

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  • Tags: community, COVID-19
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Converse
  • Track: Work Reimagined
  • Session Focus Area
  • Level: Deep Understanding
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