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The "Kids" Aren't Alright: Higher Ed Reform Now

For too long, we’ve romanticized the ‘Hollywood’ version of college. But the campus-based experience is a reality for just 13% of today’s college students. The majority of today’s students work while in school, half are financially dependent, and a quarter are parents. Traditional higher ed isn’t designed to serve these students and it shows: low graduation rates, high levels of debt, and poor outcomes. Higher ed's most innovative thinkers are calling for a new era in higher education.

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  1. Who today's students are and what challenges they face in accessing and completing a college credential.
  2. What today's students need from their institutions to be successful and thrive upon completion.
  3. What policy reforms are needed to break down the barriers today's students face and address poor outcomes.



Melissa Mitton, Senior Manager, Public Relations, Western Governors University

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