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SXSW 2021

Diversifying Tech

The triple crisis of 2020: pandemic, economic convulsion, & the police killing of George Floyd - laid bare the harshly uneven vulnerabilities of people in every sphere of American life. In the soul searching it sparked, the fintech sector found itself reckoning w/ its inheritance of legacy structures and cultures. Finance is male- & white-dominated. So is the technology world. As the two have converged into fintech, a young industry that could have been born diverse has, instead, absorbed the race and gender patterns of its forebears. In this conversation, Jo Ann Barefoot, fintech founder & lifelong champion of innovation for financial inclusion, talks with Cleve Mesidor, founder & CEO of LOGOS and Head of the National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain, about how to do better

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  1. Provoked to think about why fintech is so white and male & how to change that, w/o having to wait for a generational shift...or wait forever
  2. Cleve will talk about how she has melded 3 dynamic forces: women, people of color, & blockchain technology & how they can point toward a fairer world
  3. The tech world is dominated by founders. These two fintech founders -- one Black, one white, both women -- will challenge conventional wisdom.



Jo Ann Barefoot, Co-founder & CEO, Alliance for Innovative Regulation (AIR)

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