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SXSW 2021

Quick Pivot in Cannabis Reimagines Retail for All

Since COVID-19 thousands of stores have closed. Retail workers have been furloughed or laid off, causing economic pain. At some point, stores will reopen and people will return to work. But we can’t simply pick up where we left off. COVID has changed consumer behavior and retail will need to account for it. Deemed essential, cannabis has been operating and shifting strategies to meet consumer demands. As a new industry it was well-positioned to pivot, unencumbered by legacy systems or outdated models. In this session, cannabis retailers share how they relied on data to redefine stores, streamline operations and rapidly ramp up omnichannel integrations to meet consumer demands. Their experience not only holds strategic value for cannabis retailers, but lessons for retailers in every sector.

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  1. Gain perspective on trends that affect all retail stores post crisis and strategic imperatives that will enable them to thrive in the next normal
  2. Get an up-to-date understanding of customer preferences in order to envision a new role for stores in light of these preferences
  3. Learn the financials underpinning the urgency to improve in-store productivity to compensate for the channel shift away from physical stores



Gina Larson, Creative Director, Mattio Communications

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