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SXSW 2021

Leadership Amid Crisis: Reimagining Transportation

When COVID-19 hit, three female leaders worked overtime to keep Pennsylvania’s transportation network moving. Enabling safe travel for essential workers, transporting lifesaving equipment, and ensuring the safety of highways and bridges are just a few ways these leaders pivoted to keep transportation on track. In this session, speakers will share innovations to keep employees safe, lessons learned from the pandemic, the importance of leading with empathy, and a snapshot of what the future holds for transportation and travel. Lessons all leaders can use. As transportation patterns continue to shift - leaving a lasting impact - these leaders are seizing the opportunity to rethink our relationship with transportation in order to make it more equitable and effective in the future.

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  1. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a paradigm shift for the world and it requires a new leadership approach to reimagine how we connect and work.
  2. The importance of leading with empathy with an emphasis on safety and equity for essential workers during COVID-19 and beyond.
  3. The significant role transportation played in keeping us connected and safe during COVID-19.



Leslie S. Richards, General Manager, SEPTA

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