SXSW 2021

On Racial Justice, Gun Violence, and Community


Following the murders of Black Americans like Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Rayshard Brooks, more and more Americans are beginning to understand that the United States everyday policies and institutions are entrenched in systemic racism, including our nation’s voting laws. Racist and discriminatory voter suppression is rampant. Moreover, communities most affected by gun violence--namely minority communities--face the greatest barriers to the ballot box. Our panel directly addresses both this reality of rising armed white supremacy, gun violence, and the reality that legislation currently exists that tackles both issues—but that the legislation cannot be passed due to the very communities they impact being barred access from the ballot box.

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  1. Armed militias are on the rise using racist, white-supremacist rhetoric to support their claims for the 2nd Amendment/it's interpretation;
  2. Gun violence continues to disproportionally impact minority communities, a reality that has only increased during COVID-19;
  3. There are life-saving measures that can be taken right now to address this public health epidemic, both legislatively and practically, that are not


  • Kris Brown, President, Brady
  • Clayton Rosenberg, Chief of Staff for the Alliance of Concerned Men, Alliance of Concerned Men
  • Aalayah Eastmond, Executive Council Member, Brady
  • Kelly Sampson, Senior Counsel and Director of Racial Justice, Brady


Jillian Janflone, Podcast Manager, Brady

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