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Understanding Biases in Processing Personal Trauma

We all hold implicit biases, despite our awareness of them, but we also all have the ability to acknowledge and correct them through critical self-reflection. Presenters will lead a collaborative, workshop-based discussion designed to further deconstruct inequity and inclusivity starting with their own relationships to students, peers, and families. Attendees will leave with the knowledge and skills required to reflect on and dismantle implicit biases while creating an affirming school culture.

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  1. Attendees will lean how to infuse systemic healing and self-care into ongoing adult interactions within the school/district
  2. Attendees will acquire healing centered anti-racist action steps that you can start right now to shift mindsets into the next normal of K-12 education
  3. Attendees will learn skills to begin to correct or reverse any biases and assumptions they may hold. These skills can be taken back to the classroom



Krista Goddard, Associate Marketing Communications Manager, McGraw-Hill

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