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Breaking Barriers to Opportunity: Licensure Reform

We will open a dialogue on professional licensure of teachers, nurses and accountants during professional preparation and upon entering the workforce. Moderated by a national expert in state regulations and compliance this panel will include a graduate of an accounting program to address challenges in tranfersability and an expert on nursing liscensure. The white paper Licensure Reform: Replacing the Maze with Pathways will also be highlighted.

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  1. Gain knowledge of the pros and cons of professional licensure regulations and reform from a variety of disciplinary perspectives;
  2. Gather insights by which to evaluate proposals for licensure reform including the issues of portability, access, and equity; and
  3. Consider the implications of a national effort to evaluate regulatory frameworks in order to remove unnecessary regulations.



Lucas Kavile, Vice President, Accreditation & Compliance, Western Governors University

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  • Tags: credentials, accessibility
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Converse
  • Track: Work Reimagined
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  • Level: Field Experience
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