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SXSW 2021

The Future of Climate Innovation

Major corporations like BlackRock, Amazon, and Softbank have made significant climate pledges just as we’re seeing unprecedented wildfires, record-setting summer temperatures and disastrous hurricanes sweep across the nation. On top of this, a pandemic has further underscored the economic and social inequalities stemming from centuries of environmental racism. In a panel with top investors and innovators in the climate tech space Micah Kotch, managing director of URBAN-X, weighs-in on the future of climate innovation, including VC appetite for climate tech, how industries can better leverage new technologies to meet ambitious climate goals and what’s next for this growing technology sector.

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  1. Climate innovation is not just a buzz term, but a change that can move the needle forward to a more equitable future.
  2. In order to meet ambitious climate goals, we need to invest in the technologies solving climate change now.
  3. Climate change won’t just be solved by one industry - we’re going to need all hands on deck, from the major corporations to the nimble startup teams.



Micah Kotch, Managing Director, URBAN-X

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