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SXSW 2021

Level Up: Virtual Better

There are many parallels in today’s society to the “mobile-first” boom. With the onset of the pandemic, businesses, events, personal occasions and gatherings all went virtual. We’re currently living and operating in a “virtual-first” world - but what about when that changes and there’s a sense of “normalcy”? Will people really still opt-in for IRL? Or is it about becoming “virtual-better”? Join WW’s Chief Product Officer, Athleta’s Chief Digital Officer and Zoom’s Chief Operating Officer as they unpack the next phase of virtual for business and beyond.

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  1. Attendees will better understand how to operate a business in a “virtual-first” world with tips, tricks and best practices for being "virtual-better".
  2. Attendees will get diverse perspectives on how leaders are thinking about next steps (whether for virtual or IRL) with an unknown future ahead.
  3. Attendees will go behind-the-scenes to hear intricacies that brands faced at the start of the pandemic to pivot business & adapt to the environment.



Kelsey Merkel, Director of Corporate Communications, WW (Formerly Weight Watchers)

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