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SXSW 2021

Every Company Needs to Become a Software Company

By making digital business a necessity, the pandemic gave us final proof that every company must become a software company. That’s every company, from Ford to Starbucks, and not just digital, but a software company, whose leaders turn to their developers for strategic direction. Instead of envying the nimble innovation machines of Silicon Valley, any company can learn how to become one by tapping the power of software, unleashing the creativity of their developers, and bridging the divide between their technical people and their business leaders. As a speaker, Twilio CEO and cofounder Jeff Lawson can explore how our current crisis will accelerate this trend and provides a playbook for companies on how to run a company using the methodologies of Silicon Valley disruptors.

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  1. Why companies must pivot to have software in their DNA -- meaning their leaders turn to their developers for strategic direction.
  2. How to bridge the divide between the “business people” and the “technical people” and unlock the creativity of your developers.
  3. How to structure teams in a way that creates a culture of digital innovation.



Melissa Connors, Assit. Publicity Manager, Fortier PR

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