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SXSW 2021

Forging a New Social Contract for Big Tech

Beyond privacy, revised liability laws can hold companies accountable for what they disseminate online. Antitrust actions could check the flow of wealth to the small number of companies that control platforms, aggregators, and algorithms. A lightweight horizontal regulation could add a safety layer to the high-risk applications of artificial intelligence. This panel will discuss the role for technology companies in the 21st Century and what a new "social contract" could look like for Big Tech – in both Europe and the United States.

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  1. Europe & the U.S. can work together to develop "guardrails for tech" to protect citizens' privacy & ensure technologies like AI are safe & ethical.
  2. Without guardrails, tech companies will only exacerbate existing inequalities in society based on race, gender, nationality, income, education & more.
  3. Tech companies are not impartial; they should be liable for content they host and disseminate - disinformation and #fakenews can be life-threatening.



Evi Fuelle, Advisor, Digital Economy Policy, EU Delegation to the US

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