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SXSW 2021

Innovation Anywhere: VCs on Global Recovery

One silver lining of COVID-19 has been the push to remote work. For founders, this represents the opportunity to start a company anywhere and secure funding over Zoom.

As a result, Silicon Valley and other well known tech hubs no longer have monopoly on tech and venture capital. The VC industry - just as technology - is shifting away from the dominance of Sand Hill Road resulting in new opportunities for founders in more remote areas all over the world to start companies and raise money.

This panel brings together global investors with ties to China, Japan, France, and the UK to discuss their post-COVID approach to investing and ask the questions --- is this new model here to say and will a more global approach help drive the global recovery?

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  1. Has the global panedemic changed the way VCs think about investing?
  2. Can companies be started and raise capital from anywhere in the world?
  3. How will innovation help drive the global recovery? Which regions need innovation the most?



Mary Magnani, Vice President, Clarity PR

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