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Equity Lessons from the Nation’s Largest Online Un

Join WGU Labs for a panel discussion on the latest research around the equity gap in higher education. We'll discuss research insights, challenges and tools to reduce inequality in education. Using student and faculty stories as our guide, we uncovered three key insights that are especially pertinent not only to the conversation at WGU, but the larger academic community as we commit to equity and fully inclusive academic experience for all students.

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  1. Research in student outcomes confirm that the US Educational system remains separate and unequal. Race and ethnicity have the largest influence on edu
  2. Our minority and low-income students demonstrate high levels of soft skills, particularly conscientiousness. But hard work and motivation alone cannot
  3. To solve the equity gap, we must apply the lens of equity to all decisions and policies.



Nicolle Rowley, Executive Assistant, WGU Labs

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