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SXSW 2021

Beyond Bias, Moving the Industry into Action

The world has reached an inflection point as society has woken up to the inequalities so many are forced to endure daily. When it comes to the pursuit of justice, advertisers voice sympathy with the cause, but fail to act. Because the way advertisers portray people has the power to shape our culture, Facebook and the Geena Davis Institute for Gender in Media (GDI) have partnered to analyze representation in advertising. Research indicates we have a long way to go. Join Fernanda Alcantara, Creative Researcher, Marketing Science, Facebook and Madeline Di Nonno, CEO, GDI for a conversation about the importance of eliminating biases in advertising and developing more inclusive, diverse work. Attendees will take away the following points to help move the industry to action.

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  1. Getting to the root issue inside your organization and realizing the importance of auditing ads and building a team to monitor this process.
  2. Diversifying your team and the urgent need to address inequities within your own organization.
  3. Building without bias during the creative process and leveraging measurement tools to monitor growth and improvement.



Catherine Jankoski, Industry Marketing - Account Manager, Facebook

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