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SXSW 2021

A Better Future: Reimagining Resiliency in Design

As the world wrestles with new realities, product designers can be uncertain about our place in it. Who are we to take on such wicked problems? Turns out, we're the very people who should. Design is an inherently optimistic profession—we take a confusing or fraught experience and breathe new life into it. When we design well, these experiences become part of people’s everyday habits, maybe even a part of their identity. In this talk, I’ll share how the lessons learned from two design firms’ work for a Haitian maternal health non-profit are being translated into new initiatives, including a residency program at argo studios and an initiative we call Maternal Health Futures, a participatory seminar that uses creative storytelling techniques to frame the future.

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  1. Adversity makes us more resilient, and is often the birthplace of innovation.
  2. The only way towards a better, more resilient future is to design one, together.
  3. How we’re structuring Maternal Health Futures and our hopes for its application in other problem areas.


  • Mehera O'Brien, Head of Creative, New York, argodesign


Carla Cook, Content Strategist, Argodesign

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