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SXSW 2021

The Ethics of Hacking: First-Hand, Feel-Good Tales

When most of us hear the term “hacker,” we envision an anonymous and antagonistic man under a hooded sweatshirt wreaking havoc from his keyboard. But there’s an entire community of “ethical hackers” in the cybersecurity industry who are actually putting their deeply technical skills to good use — in some cases, even saving lives. In this panel, a renowned Chief Information Security Officer from one of the world’s largest digital security companies will sit down with two of her peers to discuss the ethical boundaries of hacking: from hunting APTs from their own home network, to altruistic intrusions from an airplane WiFi. You’ll hear first-hand anecdotes from these disruptors and walk away with an understanding of the moral underpinnings of the unique skill set of hackers.

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  1. Is there a “good” and “bad” in hacking? How do we think about morality and hacking, and where do we draw ethical boundaries?
  2. What are the current defense methods and vulnerability disclosure issues affecting the technology you use every day?
  3. What are some unconventional things you can do and jobs you can have with a background in coding/cybersecurity?



Leonora Fleming, PR Manager, AVAST

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