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SXSW 2021

Designing Equitable Products for Women

Despite representing half of the population, women are not at the table when it comes to designing products for their own experience. The industrial design industry is overwhelmingly male which results in decades of products designed without women in mind. Perhaps no one knows this better than the author of “Invisible Women,” Caroline Criado Perez. She is currently working on releasing a paperback version of “Invisible Women” in 2021.
Her groundbreaking, award-winning book on how our world has been constructed with women’s needs as an afterthought, and she has data to prove it. This eye-opening book sets an ambitious list of considerations for industrial designers as we set a path to the future that includes all bodies to make the world a more equitable place.

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  1. Observations on what happens to women when we are not part of the design of our physical world
  2. Observing disparities in design and opening our eyes to the number of ways we still need to make improvements in design
  3. Women are taking design issues essential to their well-being into their own hands


  • Caroline Criado Perez, Author, N/A
  • Ti Chang, Co-founder & VP of Design, Crave


Nancy Castelan, Jr Account Manager, Rebellious PR and Consulting

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