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SXSW 2021

Secrets To Inclusivity: Work With The Messy Middle

The Ad Club has empowered 95% of their mid-level women participants in the i’M Part Fellowship get promoted and break industry barriers. The Only One There empowers employees who have felt othered. Come learn their secrets to growing the messy middle and driving inclusivity.

As the workplace strives to be more inclusive, it’s important that leaders listen to diverse voices, especially from the messy middle. Learning what this group wants can create true inclusivity and help you win and retain top talent.

Fresh qualitative research among young and mid-level professionals from Cassandra and the Ad Club answers the questions that CEOs are asking such as: How do I make my company more inclusive? What does inclusive workplace culture and the leadership of tomorrow look like?

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  1. How can your company be more inclusive and help ensure your employees don’t feel “othered”
  2. What can you do as a colleague to best support female & non-binary colleagues of color?
  3. What does the leadership of tomorrow look like? What types of leaders are you rising stars stuck in the messy middle looking for?



Danielle Hemsley, Director, Research Strategy, ENGINE | Cassandra

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