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SXSW 2021

Music in "Emily In Paris" Bridges French Artists

From the creator of "Sex In The City," Netflix' hit TV series "Emily In Paris" chronicles the adventures of Emily Cooper, a burgeoning marketing executive/influencer from Chicago, who ends up in Paris working for the chicest marketing firm in town. Viewers get a look at some of Paris' most well-known landmarks from the Eiffel Tower to a boat ride on the Seine alongside a soundtrack filled with charming and sophisticated French songs from some of the country's most notable artists. "Emily" brings an audience to Paris that can't travel there right now and through its music modernizes the classic city. Settings Paris is known for is given a fresh feel by native musical artists, bringing the new French culture to the world.

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  1. What were the challenges the show faced in highlighting music that best represented the moment as well as what was reflective of real French culture.
  2. As music becomes more accessible to a global audience, how does material in other languages translate successfully in the U.S.
  3. How did the artists benefit from having their music featured in the show.



Alexandra Greenberg, Publicist // Us Consultant, Falcon Publicity // Le Bureau Export De La Musique Francaise

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