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SXSW 2021

Why Car Safety Regulations are Killing Women

For many years US government data has shown that women are 73% more at risk of injury and 17% more at risk of dying in an accident than men. Regulations only require cars pass safety tests that use a male crash test dummy in the driver's seat. Car makers promote their 5 star safety ratings, but fail to say these ratings apply to the average man, not the average women. It is time to make car safety equitable for all occupants. The brilliant feminist campaigner Caroline Criado Perez (author of Invisible Women) will talk with Chris O'Connor - renowned crash safety expert - and ex US Congresswoman Susan Molinari, about how to change the regulations that favor men, and leave 1352 women dead and 51,071 permanently injured each year because of inequity in car safety.

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  1. Women are 73% more at risk of severe injury and 17% more likely to die in a crash because car safety is regulated on male crash test dummies
  2. Technology is available now to design safer cars for women, but regulation is slowed by groups that oppose any increased regulation. Women are dying.
  3. Car companies should not wait for regulation to address these inequitable risks. Government should not shrink from regulating such an inequity.



Barney Loehnis, Ceo, Humami.io

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