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SXSW 2021

Alt Financing for a Cash-Based/Strapped Industry

In the U.S. where cannabis remains federally illegal, large financial institutions have reservations about the risk posed by legal uncertainties, making it difficult for cannabis companies to access basic commercial banking services such as cash deposits and lines of credit that would fuel growth. While Congress could provide cover for cannabis companies through the MORE and SAFE Act, there has been little progress, or appetite, to push legislation through. Luckily innovation is never far behind necessity. Alternative financial service options have emerged to help companies grow and push the cannabis industry forward from within. This session brings together investors and companies providing the financial life lines that companies need to both succeed and make cannabis a safer industry.

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  1. Gain insight into how insiders get creative to bypass political restrictions that have stalled and create unsafe environments with cash payments
  2. Learn how cannabis technology companies are injecting liquidity into the industry and facilitating transactions between brands and retailers
  3. Understand how investors and SPACs are allowing cannabis companies to access large amounts of working capital to grow



Gina Larson, Creative Director, Mattio Communications

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