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A Teamwork Approach to School Culture

Students and staff count on school communities to be safe, affirming, and healing, whether classes are in-person, remote or hybrid. Academic success depends on it, and the health and wellness of students and staff depends on it. Hear directly from educators who use Crew—a meeting structure and a way of being—to develop school cultures that nurture social-emotional and academic development, affirms diverse identities, supports courageous conversations, fosters belonging and centers relationships.

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  1. Understand how pairing social-emotional learning with academic achievement can lead to the success of every student.
  2. Understand the schoolwide structure of Crew, and how Crew lessons can be planned to support student belonging, purpose, and agency.
  3. Understand the impact and implementation of Crew in any learning environment, whether classes are in-person, remote, or hybrid.



Alexandra Fenwick-Moore, Associate Director, Communications, EL Education

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  • Tags: SEL, COVID-19
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: Practice & Pedagogy
  • Level: Deep Understanding
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