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Measuring What Matters in the Era of Agency

For the past 40 years, the focus of schooling has been academic achievement. However, crises in public health and social justice coupled with accelerating technological change have shown us that letter grades, seat time, and standardized tests are decreasingly relevant to what our learners need to thrive in 2021 and beyond. Hear from an edtech leader/former superintendent about ways we can transform instruction and assessment models as we move from the Era of Achievement to the Era of Agency.

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  1. Expand views of what learner success looks like and how it can be demonstrated and measured
  2. Understand the meaning of agency and its importance as a key “ingredient” for learners to achieve their full potential in our changing world
  3. Learn about specific assessments methods for rigorous SEL outcomes, including learner agency, collaboration, and real-world problem solving



Devin Vodicka, Chief Impact Officer, Altitude Learning

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