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SXSW 2021

Averno: How a TikTok Became a Transmedia Universe

In the fall of 2019, theatre artist and writer Morgan Smith created Averno - an immersive, interactive universe of interlocking musicals, comics, novels, and virtual reality centered around a single town. When COVID-19 hit, the team expanded to include 60 other artists from 14 countries. They shared one goal: create a form of theatre-oriented media that is not only producible in the COVID era, but that thrives in it. Averno has exploded into an online phenomenon: over 200k followers, tens of thousands of participants in online events, millions of streams, and a thriving virtual community committed to reckless creation. In this presentation, meet the creators and hear how the changing entertainment landscape begs, more than ever, for transmedia design: art that is all about connectivity.

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  1. In a digital world, how can we rethink what the "live" performing arts look like, namely the element of intimate human connection?
  2. With more access to online art forms, what can the marketing world learn from immersive theatre about creating memorable experiences?
  3. What is the role of "fandom" and community in the long-term success of a franchise, band, or brand? How can we look to this psychology to form models?


  • Morgan Smith, Founder, Averno


Morgan Smith, Founder, Averno

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