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SXSW 2021

The What, Why & How of Responsible AI

AI is being increasing adopted everywhere and is woven into the fabric of our society.
Given the multi-purpose nature of this technology, it poses the challenge of amplifying unfair biases embedded in algorithmic systems (deliberately or accidentally) that threaten social cohesion and risk propagating unfairness in access to educational, economic or financial opportunities.
This session will present practical ideas that help in understanding the trade-offs of deploying responsible AI systems, it’s impact, detection and mitigation strategies. It offers government, industry stakeholders, and the general public a set of recommendations, best practices, as well as consumer-focused techniques - all of which will promote the fair and ethical deployment of AI.

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  1. Why Responsible AI is important to focus on with regards to it's outcomes and unintended consequences. Increase consumer awareness of its impact.
  2. Highlight five areas to government policymakers, and business stakeholders that help evaluate the ethical application of AI systems
  3. Key questions to be asked by consumers about data privacy, protection, and building inclusive systems considering all the "protected classes."



Swathi Young, Chief Technology Officer, Integrity Management Services Inc

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