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Reimagining High School for All

Our conventional approach to high school curriculum is rooted in a series of courses that were developed long before “the science of learning” and our current understanding of neuroscience were able to influence their design. This talk will reimagine the ways in which our core curriculum can be modernized to meet the needs of this new era. The task at hand is to ensure that an innovative new model becomes the norm so that all students can benefit from a modernized high school experience.

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  1. High school as we currently know it is not working for all students
  2. Given advancements in technology and in the learning sciences, we know enough to design better approaches
  3. There are emerging innovative approaches, including XQ Superschools, Minerva Baccalaureate, and Big Picture Learning that need to become the norm.



Jess Zier, Outreach Associate, The Minerva Project

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