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Flying Blind: Learning in the Virtual Classroom

PK-12 education may have needed years to prepare for a pandemic. Now, where students previously hampered by the digital divide have become fully obstructed, we’re lacking the methods and the data that traditionally enabled early warning, intervention, and supports. School attendance, classroom behavior and environment have escaped into the virtual ether. We must quickly get our radar back. There’s something troubling beyond the digital divide—as a country we're not even sure what it is yet.

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  1. The abrupt switch to virtual school impacts students differently based on the digital divide, parental engagement, subpopulation, and other factors.
  2. At the same time, we're lacking data we're used to relying upon heavily to know when to intervene and provide supports.
  3. How can we emulate or replace the impact of these missing elements as we move deeper into the online classroom?



Matt Warden, Ceo, Double Line Inc

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