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Reinventing Nursing Education Through Technology

COVID-19 has exacerbated the nursing shortage. Increasing the ranks of qualified nurses has become an even greater challenge as traditional higher education institutions grapple to adjust to new realities. Now is the time to reinvent nursing education, which generally recognizes in-person live clinicals, through the use of AI, VR, and AR.

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  1. The latest research by the NCSBN on the use of technology in nursing education and the regulations that serve as barriers to innovation.
  2. How Texas, one of the largest states in the nation with one of the greatest nursing shortages, is addressing the nursing shortage through technology.
  3. How WGU, one of the nation’s largest producers of nurses, is using technology and online, competency-based education to prepare nurses at scale.



Kathy Koza, Public Relations Manager, WGU Texas

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  • Event: EDU
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