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SXSW 2021

55M Human Tissue Samples + AI = Better Medicine

To share the latest developments and insights around the Joint Pathology Center's modernization efforts at converting 55M glass slide tissue samples (the largest tissue repository globally) into digital images for the purpose of improving research and clinical practice in computational pathology. The artificial intelligence and machine learning models subsequently developed from a medical dataset of this size will rapidly accelerate biomedical research in the fields of infectious disease and cancer, reducing misdiagnosis by orders of magnitude and opening the door for more effective treatment options!
Our goal is to share how we're maneuvering thru this initiative, the ethical boundaries at play, and the impact the application will have for our Service members and the global population!

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  1. The role of the Joint Pathology Center in the military health system and why its a "national treasure" for Service members and the population at large
  2. Applications of the Joint Pathology Center's data in the realm of AI/ML specific to computational pathology
  3. Ensuring utilization of this new data responsibly and ethically for the betterment of medicine, our Service men/women, and the global community!



Roderick Jeter, Jr., Digital Service Expert - Product Manager, Office of the Secretary of Defense - Defense Digital Service

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