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SXSW 2021

Exploding Opera - When Opera Meets Immersive Tech

Figment Productions and the Royal Opera House created a 21st century version of what opera calls “gesamtkunstwerk” (a work of Total Art). This is a new form, rooted in stage tradition, enriched by the magic of technology. We brought together top opera creatives and the expertise of Figment’s team to tackle the challenges in a close collaboration.

Current Rising, is an immersive experience in Hyper Reality. Music is our central character; the centrepiece of a dream-like operatic world. The design is unbound from the laws of physics and the audience shares moments of togetherness and isolation.

Join us, on stage, at the Royal Opera House in London as the curtain is lifted on the challenges of bringing together the latest entertainment technology with the oldest performance art form

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  1. We'll explore what a traditional art form and cutting edge immersive technology have to offer each other
  2. We'll explore how art & tech collaborations point towards possible futures for culture
  3. We'll explore how we approached the creative process, and how to create artistic poetry and real emotion with high-end VR tech



Annette Mees, Head of Audience Labs, Royal Opera House

Meta Information:

  • Tags: XR, Connection & Culture
  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Cultural Resilience in the Arts
  • Level: Intermediate
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