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A Multi-Generational View of Next-Generation Work

Explore the next generation of work. As the gig economy explodes, what does that mean for individuals, companies, and our economy? While COVID has accelerated learning and working remotely, will this trend remain? How will workforce management evolve to meet the challenge of a more independent, diverse, and geographically dispersed workforce? What knowledge and skills will be required to thrive? Join us for an exploration of how learning organizations can anticipate and meet these needs.

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  1. Advice on the expectations and priorities of the next-generation workforce, including where, what, how, and when.
  2. Apply learnings from managing the needs of a start-up compared to a national part-time faculty evaluating 1.6M student submissions annually.
  3. Audience will gain perspective on how education institutions can help learners gain competencies and meet future work needs.



Maureen O'Brien, Vice President, Evaluation Operations, Western Governors University

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