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SXSW 2021

Re: Stock - Increasing Diversity in Stock Media

Stock footage is a tool used to capture the world & the people in it. But for too long, stock’s representation of people has been one-dimensional. That’s why a group of BIPOC filmmakers partnered with Storyblocks to create Re: Stock. It’s a response to the demand for content that accurately reflects today’s world.

This panel will discuss how to widen the stock media pipeline, because it’s overwhelmingly white with minimal diversity. Because news outlets, businesses, & content creators all use stock media to amplify their stories, there’s a big opportunity to set the stage for equitable representation.

Folks will walk away from this panel with the knowledge to produce fully inclusive ads and video content. You’ll build a robust understanding of how to create more moving stories.

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  1. There are many hurdles to overcome to produce fully inclusive ads and video content, stock media being one of them.
  2. By including more diverse voices in production, and hiring underrepresented creators to tell their stories, we can build a more representative world.
  3. Stock media should empower all creators & the stories they wish to tell by reflecting the authentic, layered humanity of underrepresented communities.



Ben Abraham, Senior Brand Manager, Storyblocks

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