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SXSW 2021

Responsible innovation: Move fast and fix things

Designing technology in a user-centered way is considered fundamental to “good” outcomes. Doing so has lead to innovations that have profoundly shaped the world we’re living in. With that world experiencing juddering, fitful and widespread change, we want to reconsider that tenet - Are we building connection or becoming disconnected from each other, our decisions, and our world? How we might evolve our fundamentals so that we build a more healthful, kind and responsible future. Put a different way, we can't solve the current problems with the same thinking that got us into it. So what is that new thinking?

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  1. Limitations of classic user-centered design and personalization and what new considerations should be added beyond desirability/viability/feasibility
  2. What the disconnected nature of our current context can teach us about building a more connected future.
  3. New breakthrough technologies, and real world examples that are leading indicators of the potency of “responsible innovation”


  • Ed Doran, Senior Director, Microsoft
  • Oonie Chase, Executive Director, Ideo
  • Karin Giefer, Design Leader, Amazon
  • Wally Brill, Head Of Conversation Design Advocacy & Education at Google, Google


Ed Doran, Senior Director, Microsoft

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