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Lady Sapiens: Breaking Paleolithic Stereotypes


What image do we have today of the prehistorical woman? Nurturer, harvester, submissive woman? Recent studies show she was much more than that. Aided by immersive technologies, archeologists are shaking up the old clichés. Lady Sapiens takes you back 30,000 years to discover her true face: artist, huntress, healer, clan leader…
This multi-faceted project is a collaboration between Little Big Story and France Television, producers of the documentary film Lady Sapiens, and Ubisoft, creator of the prehistoric video game Far Cry Primal. Teaming up with scientists, they created a transmedia program: a full-length documentary on prime-time TV, a VR adventure, an educational short film and an exhibition, that tell you a different story of mankind. Welcome to the Paleolithic Age!

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  1. Discover how the unique immersive qualities of VR help users experiment History in a new light and question their preconceived notions.
  2. Get inspired by an project exemplary in breaking boundaries between sectors, to enrich one another with more impactful and meaningful content.
  3. Learn about filming “inside” a videogame, and how a mature game can have a second life as an educational and cultural media.



Melanie de Riberolles, Director, New Business, Ubisoft International

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