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SXSW 2021

A Black Wall Street for Education

As we debate how small businesses and major corporations rebuild the economy, the impact of ensuring the economics of running an education system through recirculating education funding within the Black community should not be understated. Whether its contracts for busing, food catering, cleaning services and supplies, professional development, school supplies, landscaping, building maintenance & construction, and education technology, there is wealth being created in predominately Black school systems with or without the Black community benefiting.

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  1. We will examine what history can teach us about how Black communities benefit from the economy of education.
  2. We will discuss the leadership structure(s) that are best suited to ensure Black communities benefit from the economy of education.
  3. We will highlight the long term impact of how Black communities can benefit from the economy of education.



Emory Edwards, Outreach Director, EdChoice

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