SXSW 2021

Adaptable Cities: Tech & the Urban Evolution


We are all being asked to adapt and adjust in these challenging times; we must expect the same from our urban systems.
This can be an exciting transformation that invites a new level of service for all citizens and residents. But this demands a digital (r)evolution. It will require a shift in mindset, collaboration between an ecosystem of partners, a commitment to shared power and the ethical integration of smart technology.
We've gathered experts from industry, government and academia who are leading this movement. They are combining new tools - artificial intelligence, data science, IoT, edge computing - with radical new ways of thinking about parking, land use and government service delivery to create more inclusive, sustainable cities and a better urban experience for all.

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  1. Define the 'future city' and how that experience is different (and better) than today.
  2. How the responsible application of technology can positively address social challenges (environmental, equity, affordability)
  3. Explore the changes we need to make to create better, more inclusive, greener, cleaner cities. (Policy, urban design, ethics, economic development)



Chelsea Collier, Founder, DigiCity

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