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Closing Generational Wealth Gap with Real Estate


The average net worth of a white American household is $171,000. For a black American household, the average is $17,000. The difference is real estate.
Generational wealth is built from owning and investing in property. Redlining prevented minorities from qualifying for mortgages and loans. This resulted in the inability to leave any assets for future generations to inherit.
To close the generational wealth gap, the commercial real estate industry is making effective and real changes by contributing to an ecosystem that levels the playing field. This session will explore this ecosystem that has industry professionals, investors, and educators working collaboratively to increase access to real estate—which then helps increase industry diversity—and make impact investing mainstream.

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  1. Why we don't need to wait on the government to implement a solution to close the generational wealth gap
  2. Ways that educational institutions and businesses can partner together to bring education, experience, and opportunities to minority students
  3. Data that proves how investors can contribute to real change without sacrificing returns



Jessica Lee-Wen, Director of Marketing, Casoro Group

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