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SXSW 2021

Black Women in Nonprofits: By Us, for You

Who Will Stand Up for Black Women? -- This question has been circulating throughout the social uprising of 2020 and still it appears that no one has quite found an answer. From our experience, it is overwhelmingly Black women that stand up for Black women. This panel will be a platform to highlight some of the Black women doing targeted non-profit work to provide resources for other BIPOC people. Even in a society that disrespects and often devalues Black women, they continue to work for the greater good of everyone. Despite the trailblazing efforts of these women they still lack access to the necessary resources to support their work. Why is that?

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  1. Learn the behind the scenes challenges of starting and running a nonprofit as a Black woman.
  2. Nonprofits that center marginalized people do not receive the resources necessary to support their work - here's how we can change this.
  3. How these organizations defy the odds everyday and ways that we can uplift Black women now and in the future.



Syann Cromwell, Account Associate, Rebellious PR + Consulting

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