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How Film Commissions Shape Creative Industry Policy


State film commissions are often at the center of the evolution for creative communities in their state. Industry growth is accomplished through competitive incentive programs, infrastructure policies, and expansion into additional creative industry sectors flourishing in their states. And in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, state film commissions stepped up to support their creative communities through new policies and procedures to help sustain the integrity of their creative communities. Take a deep-dive with state film commissions of Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas to understand how their involvement in policy and procedures continues to evolve in supporting the livelihoods of the creative communities they represent, and how those changes can affect the entire entertainment industry.

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  1. The role of state film commissions in policy-making, including emergency management response during the covid-19 pandemic.
  2. How states like Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas are more sustainable for long-term growth in creative industries when compared to other states.
  3. Why state film commissions have expanded their programs beyond film to encompass a broader creative community.



Taylor Hertsenberg, Senior Marketing Specialist, Texas Film Commission

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