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SXSW 2021

Reinventing the Wheel(chair): Inequity & Disability

Consumers expect smart technology within every device - whether it’s a toaster or coffee machine. Yet wheelchairs continue to see zero innovation or adoption of new technology. And it's not just the technology industry that has left wheelchair users behind, fashion and consumer products are also learning how to best include people with disabilities (PWD). In this panel moderated by Barry Dean, LUCI founder and Grammy-nominated songwriter, hear from voices across accessibility, fashion, and technology about the need for innovating for PWD. The panel will highlight how these individuals are creating a refreshing approach to photoshoot styling and inclusion, changing the technology landscape for PWD, and working to make sure those with disabilities are recognized as consumers.

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  1. There needs to be more innovation across industries that is inclusive of people living with disabilities.
  2. Innovation for people with disabilities has the potential to have positive impacts for everyone - users, caregivers and healthcare providers.
  3. Why marketing materials, television and movie casting, and photography need to be inclusive of all people - including those with disabilities.



Lexy Brown, Account Executive, Outcast

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