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SXSW 2021

Measure Twice, Cut Once: China-US Tech Connections

As competition has intensified between the United States and China, actions to disengage their technology establishments from one another have also intensified. The two countries’ systems for research and development, production, and sale of cutting-edge technologies have been substantially, though by no means uniformly, commingled. More recently, there have been concerted efforts by both nations’ governments to reverse some or all of that commingling. Policymakers’ priorities include perceived risks to national security, worry about economic disadvantage from proliferation, and concern about uses of technologies that intentionally or indifferently may harm civil liberties or the environment. This panel will explore the advisability and consequences of decoupling various technologies.

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  1. How are technologies important to the future of China and the US commingled?
  2. What is the feasibility and desirability of increased technological separation between China and the US?
  3. What options do we have to stabilize and grow the international technology development ecosystem?



Emelia Probasco, Chief Communications Officer/Communications Department Head, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

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