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SXSW 2021

Digitizing Diversity for the Web

Cultural heritage materials arrive at memory institutions through a digitially diverse spectrum of media formats. Over the last five years, Texas State University Libraries has built an inspiring ecosystem to create culturally diverse digital scholarship online integrating text, data, video, audio, images and maps. Many cultural heritage projects involve marginalized or historically underrepresented groups. In Texas, our projects focus on our Mexican American and Hispanic populations. This presentation overviews how to build innovative cultural heritage digital infrastructures focusing upon leading edge open source software and hardware solutions. Progressive technological benchmarks. Ideas of inclusivity and inspiring avenues for creating such infrastructures will be emphasized.

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  1. Attendants will learn about key open source software to enable diverse and inclusive digital scholarship projects online
  2. Attendants will learn how to create diverse cultural heritage technology projects through digital scholarship teams
  3. Attendants will learn about digital project management and inclusive design principals to build cutting edge cultural heritage projects.



Ray Uzwyshyn, Director, Library Collections and Digital Services, Texas State University Libraries

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