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SXSW 2021

Taking the Bias Out of VC Investing

Venture capital has a bias problem. Only 3% of venture capital goes to companies with a woman CEO. The speakers on this panel will describe why, and what they are each individually doing about it. One of the speakers will be a co-author of a recent Harvard Business Review paper 'How the VC Pitch Process is Failing Female Entrepreneurs', which pulls together various studies to show how pitching is biased against women. Examples will be given of VC funds who evaluate companies based on performance, not pitches, and end up funding 10x more women than the industry average - while potentially making more money. Other speakers will include VCs and others looking to build gender and racial equity in VC funding.

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  1. Venture capital has a dramatic gender and racial bias problem.
  2. The primary problem is not the people, it's the process. Ditch the pitch.
  3. Invest based on performance, as a few new funds are doing, both to reduce bias and to make more money.



Kamal Hassan, Managing Partner, Loyal Vc

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  • Tags: Startups
  • Event: SXSW
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  • Track: Challenging Tech’s Path Forward
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