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SXSW 2021

Animating Resilience

In 2020, much of the Entertainment industry changed drastically due to production delays or cancellations from COVID. Animation, however, remained resilient as creators and animators adapted to new remote pipelines.

How has isolation affected animation teams? What unique challenges did creators overcome to keep their shows on track?

This discussion will gather creators from around the world to discuss the resilience of animation—especially given the political and cultural climate of this year—and how the future of entertainment will be shaped by these changes.

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  1. How did animators and creators adapt to working remote?
  2. What does the pandemic mean for animation both as an art form and an industry?
  3. What might the animation industry look like in a post-COVID world?



Bianca Doria, Director, PR - Americas and Japan, Crunchyroll

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