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SXSW 2021

Women Step Up: Succeeding in a Male Dominated World

In a world hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, 1 in 4 women are considering downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce. Progress on diversity has been slow but measurable and now those gains stand at risk of being wiped out in a single year. The problem is confounded in areas like tech where women hold only 20% of leadership roles. To move the needle on gender diversity, women need to adopt a different mindset—one that chips away at the limitations a male-dominated status quo imposes. In this session, a panel of seasoned female CXOs will tell you how they did just that. They’ll explain how they took ownership of their careers, overcame personal and institutional bias, broke down organizational barriers, gained influence and rose to leadership roles – and how you can, too.

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  1. To thrive in a largely male-dominated technology industry, women need to adopt a mindset where they are more willing to promote themselves.
  2. Women should embrace five best practices: follow their passion, focus on strengths, view gender as an advantage, network and take time to recharge.
  3. The key to success is committing to adopting the five best practices so they become core to each individual.



Neely Bankston, Communications, McKinsey & Company

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